How We've Helped

  • $5.6 million of lost revenue was reclaimed for a 147 bed facility.
  • Net Revenue recovered in excess of $1.2 MILLION for a high functioning University hospital.
  • Using Peri-Operative Revenue Enhancement Process, Net Revenue recovered $4.8 MILLION for a 196 bed rural hospital.
  • In a 50 bed facility, Net Revenue identified $1.5 MILLION in under payments with Payment Verification, PLUS recovered $3.35 MILLION with Peri-Operative review process.

Client Testimonials

"Our hospital a small rural independent community hospital utilized Net Revenue for both the Peri -Operative and Emergency Department charge capture services. The Net Revenue staff were extremely knowledgeable as they educated our staff during the process. Net Revenue staff did a majority of the work during the implementation and recovery process. We were able to recover several million dollars in lost revenue and have maintained the increased revenue over the past several years."

"As the third consulting firm to audit payments, Net Revenue identified almost $5 MILLION in additional cash!"

"Where other companies failed, Net Revenue found $500,000 in under payments from a single percent of charge contract."