Net Revenue helps hospitals recover OR and ER revenue.

It takes a clinical perspective to see what charges are being missed. That’s why we help supplement hospital Rev Cycle teams with a clinical perspective – so you can recover missed revenue and improve your bottom line.

It’s different from what you already do.

The difference is we have our clinical staff review procedures for missed charges and improved coding and E & M levels. These are procedures that you aren’t charging for currently – but that you should be, and that you have a right to. You may also be coding accounts lower than you should be due to the lack of clinical documentation.

The process is compliant.

We realize it can sound too good to be true – but it isn’t. We follow all billing regulations and only ask for payment for reasonable charges from payers. We understand the services delivered to your patients and identified the revenue opportunities you’re leaving behind. We recoup what you missed in our retrospective review and work with your team to insure 100% of the opportunity is recognized moving forward.

We won't eat up your staff time.

Our clinical team does the work of reviewing all charges and doing the re-billing. Your IT team only needs to gather the data files and your Rev Cycle team only needs to add new charges and post new payments. Our clients tell us that the process takes as much staff time as they had expected – and maybe even less.

Your Rev Cycle team will be heroes.

Most Rev Cycle teams never consider improving charges by bringing in a clinical perspective. Often they are afraid that our approach will make them look bad. In reality, your Rev Cycle team cannot be expected to have a clinical perspective – but they can be expected to make improvements. When you bring us in, you will see new revenue for years to come – and your Rev Cycle team will get to take all the credit.

You’ll get to keep the revenue we bring in.

Our clients typically see only 1 or 2 take-backs out of hundreds of claims.

It’s risk-free.

We use a win/win contingency model so you only pay if we bring in more revenue. We get a one-time contingency fee for what we bring in during our retrospective review. After that, you will keep 100% of the increased revenue. And that gain will continue year after year – long after our project is complete.

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“We were hoping to recover a couple hundred thousand – $200,000 would have been good. But got $3 million.” - Tim Buit, CEO, Bellevue Hospital
“Very easy to work with. Team is very knowledgeable. Bring good resources, knowledgeable resources to the table.” - Scott Endsley, CFO, Fisher-Titus Hospital