Peri-Operative Revenue Integrity

Match the clinical process with an enhanced revenue system - resulting in accurate product pricing and costing. Reduce revenue leakage and documentation weakness.

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Emergency Room Revenue Integrity

Improve Reimbursement with Net Revenue’s Emergency Room services, which includes a professionally developed leveling system combined with accurate coding and charging education.

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Payment Variance Evaluation

Make certain your facility is receiving accurate reimbursements. Identify problems, recover underpayments, then implement solutions that reduce future inaccuracies & Enhance Reimbursement.

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Medical Record Validation

We bridge the gap between your attending physicians and hospital coders. Outcomes are measurable and significant, and after initial analysis, ongoing support is available.

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About Us

We understand the complexities of managing the financial health of your OR and ER in both rural and urban settings because we are a team of clinical and financial experts.

Overview Values

Bridging the Gap

$154,321,227Revenue Recovered

80,648Cases Audited

$1.2 billionNet Revenue Improvement

“Where other companies failed, Net Revenue found $500,000 in under payments from a single percent of charge contract.” -Client Testimonial

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