Our team is aligned behind our mission to provide superior revenue integrity services to hospitals, both large and small. Your hospital’s fiscal health depends on receiving appropriate net revenue for all services performed.

To us, the revenue cycle begins with Clinical Documentation to record the complexities of the surgical procedure. The dynamics of this care increases the risk of revenue loss from incomplete documentation resulting in missed coding opportunities and lost charges. We correct these problems by using currently active RNs and certified coders to audit documentation, reviewing your financial processes, re-billing missed items and codes, and providing education to improve collaboration between the clinical and financial departments.

Our hands-on, collaborative approach allows us to:

  • Identify & Recover previously unrecognized Revenue by Teaming Up our Financial Experts with Active RNs
  • Improve Documentation and develop Clear & Fair Charge Protocols
  • Assist with staff education as well as development and implementation of a customized, working solution for sustained revenue growth
  • Guaranteed ROI: No upfront investment/Contingent Fee services